YouTube channels that I watch (updated)

YouTube channels that I watch (updated)

As you know I love to recommend movies and music. And also often find myself sending the same videos to my friends from the channels that I love and follow on YouTube.

Here’re some of them in no particular order:


Very clever videos about art and politics. Analysis of songs, movies and just important subjects about life and society.


This guy makes most of his videos in the style of “Tasteful, Understated Nerdrage”. He talks mostly about games, but the subject is not that important. In each video he finds something new and interesting to say about art and society.

Charisma on Command

How to present yourself and be less shy without being a phony asshole. Nice guy talks mostly about communication and some basic psychology.

The School of Life

Amazing videos about philosophy, psychology and art. Lots of information in very short flicks! And they have an actual school with courses in London and several other cities.


Philosophical and humorous take on the popular culture. Deep and unusual reviews of movies, books and TV shows. Earthling cinema is one of my favorites there!

In a nutshell

Beautiful educational videos about anything at all. Many of them are quite insightful.

The Film Theorists

Very funny and interesting film theories and analysis. Some of them are just hilarious others are serious.

Every Frame a Painting

And another deep and interesting channel about cinema.

Tales of Mere Existence

Short animated flicks about life. Lots of things you can relate to.

Comic Book Girl 19

My favorite channel for comics/sci-fi/fantasy geeks! She has the best videos on YouTube about Game Of Thrones and X-Men. Also from her I found out about A. Jodorowsky and lots of other stuff.

Emergency Awesome

Another channel for comic/sci-fi tv series nerds. He makes reviews with easter eggs and interesting details about Doctor Who, The Flash, The Arrow, Agents of Shield, Gotham and lots of other tv shows. Perfect channel for Marvel/DC/Doctor news and stuff.

Screen Junkes

Guys that brought you famous Honest Trailers (just watch them!). Now they have a whole empire with their own mobile app and lots of different shows.

Filthy Frank

Very edgy satire on the internet we live in. If you can take this kind of humour it can be pretty cool.

Engineer Guy

Everybody loves good engineering porn!


Science news and science approach to different popular topics. Quite simple, but nice.

Marques Brownlee

At age 22 he is the most popular tech video blogger on YouTube! The best place to choose your next mobile phone or a pair of headphones.

And what do you watch on YouTube?