YouTube channels, part 2

This is the second post with my YouTube channel recommendations. This time I will try to focus on more educational, political and philosophical channels.

And for the first part — click here!


She was once called the Oscar Wilde of YouTube and was praised for arguing the most difficult points and helping to de-radicalize the alt-right (whatever that means).

I love her for her amazing humor, for understanding the opponent and for being very smart and knowledgeable. So if you can take this type of humor it can be super insightful.

Peter Coffin

Another channel with a specific brand of meta humor and exploring difficult political and social issues.

It’s very fast paced and intense and long at the same time, and that’s what I love.

Cuck Philosophy & Zero Books

This is the most serious channel from the first 3, despite the most hilarious channel title.

Somehow in my head this channel is also closely linked to Zero Books channel. It’s a channel of a Book Publisher with a lot of very different content. From spicy and edgy takes to really boring and monotonous in depth exploration of Marxism.

Tom Scott

Very intelligent guy with a variety of videos about art, architecture, science, experiments, games. High quality content! :)


Speaking about architecture and design… here you can find a handful of nice videos. This channel doesn’t get updates very often, but great that it exists.

bill wurtz

EVERYONE already knows that guy, I hope. And I envy you so much if you don’t.

And if you do, but haven’t seen his other videos, go and check them out! Bill is also an awesome musician with quite absurd and weirdly touching songs.

Now You See It

One of the several movie channels that I love a lot. And if you liked this one — check out Nerdwriter, Every Frame a Painting, Cinefix and Film maker HQ.

Pop Culture Detective

I love movies and I love social critic and analysis of them. So this channel seems kinda perfect for me. It makes a very careful and in depth analysis of tropes in movies from an “SJW” perspective and it’s very insightful!


British electronic music nerd + musician + a crazy scientist/inventor! I love his music, I love his accent, I love his passion for synthesizers.

And don’t forget to check out his cover on TLC — No Scrubs.

Primitive Technology

Or look mum, I build everything from ZERO.

A guy goes into a forest and shows how people were building everything in the prehistoric times. Houses, forges, pottery, tools. And it looks mesmerizing.

Stand-up Maths

A math guy explains things in an exciting way. Nerdy channel and sometimes with the most unusual facts and ideas. Also he has a second channel Numberphile, that’s even more nerdy.

To me this one has a perfect balance of math and entertainment.

RijksTube and Vox

These are 2 professional channels with high quality content. RijksTube has just started and focused on contemporary art and pop culture. And Vox has a lot of different videos about almost anything.

Both are great and are excellent examples of more traditional “pro” channels on YouTube.

Tier Zoo

Funny and surprisingly profound channel that compares different animals (including humans) as if we are all playing a giant MMORPG on this planet.

Conor & Brittany

A poly couple with a lot of videos about relationships and sex. This is almost like life coaching, relationship and sex coaching but in a good way.

I’m super suspicious about any coaches, but I really love these guys. They seem very honest, intense, loving and they are very good at explaining and sharing their experiences, while not pushing their own agenda. I think anyone can learn something from their channel.