TV shows that you should watch right now

TV shows that you should watch right now

The same as with the movies I often recommend a lot of different TV series to everyone. So here’s a kind of a summary of the Best TV Shows Alive!

Let’s start with obvious choices

Breaking Bad

The best TV series ever made.

The Sopranos

Not a single nice person, but still you sympathize with them a lot.
Never thought that I would love so much a show about gangsters. Also you may try Lilyhammer.


Gateway drug to British TV. And everyone knows it anyway.


Do you like Han Solo? This is a TV show about Han Solo. Kinda like Cowboy Bebop iykwim.


A little bit more terrifying and realistic version of Onion News. Stop being a pussy and love it.

Game of Thrones

It’s too obvious to even mention. Really, give it a try.

Beginner’s Guide narrated by Samuel L. Jackson:

Personal favorites

Some shows that are a little less known.

Doctor Who

Remember how good Science Fiction was in the 70s? This show still carries all the high morals and values of classic sci-fi. Some parts are childish, some are extremely touching for adults. You need to watch it just to see and understand all the references to this show in pop culture. And of course to get lost in the super-over-arching plot.

Start with the new series that began in 2005.


Maybe my favorite TV show ever. It’s a cult comedy series, very heavy on meta and pop culture humor and incredibly touching. For example the single episode where they made a parody on Glee has better singing and performance than the whole Glee series.

1-2-3 seasons are awesome, 4th is questionable, 5th is okay, 6th is great!

Rick and Morty

New animated series from Dan Harmon (Community showrunner) and Justin Roiland (voice of Lemongrab). And sometimes I think that it’s even better than Community.

Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad spin-off. And it’s as good as the original show! While Breaking Bad was about fear and family struggles, this one is about stress and family issues. Also I feel very connected to the protagonist Saul Goodman, he is so bright, smart, nice and thinks he can bullshit his way out of any situation he gets himself into.


When I watched the last Wachovskis film I kept thinking that it’s not working and it should’ve been a TV show. And they made one. This is a show about love, superpowers and action. And I think it’s a lot more about love, than action. Everyone should try it!

Second part! (or is it third?) Tech related shows.

Mr. Robot

Fight club style series about informational security. Some great actors and interesting shots, and what’s important it is at least a little bit technically accurate. Unlike all the Hollywood previous crappy attempts on the hackers theme.

Silicon Valley

A true story about Silicon Valley. Also amazingly accurate and even more funny! It’s like a lot better version of The Big Bang Theory.

IT Crowd

British version of a funny tech TV series. I especially love how authentic and natural British shows are! And there’s Noel Fielding (The Mighty Boosh) in some episodes.

Speaking of British TV

Black Books

Hilarious British comedy with Dylan Moran. Dark, gritty, rude and funny as hell.

The Mighty Boosh

Absurd and psychedelic comedy show with lots of ingenious music numbers. Electro punk ftw!

In the Flesh

Zombies as a metaphor for LGBT+, immigrants and all other social classes that have some bad time and struggle to be accepted. Confused? Try this show, it’s very dramatic and kind.

Peaky Blinders

Cillian Murphy, soundtrack by Nick Cave and White Stripes, street gangs in Britain in the beginning of 20th century. It’s like Sons of Anarchy, but a lot better.


Adorable British kids doing their community service get super powers. Dark humour, bunch of freaks, weird accents. British dark comedy is the best comedy.

Weird sci-fi:

As nerdy and geeky as you can get. This is probably one of my favorite genres: something weird, something psychedelic, something horrific.


I have no idea how a TV series with such perverted visuals and weird concepts could make it to the screen. It’s like a fan of Cronenberg and kinky gothic cyberpunk made a sci-fi show.

First full episode on YouTube!

Battlestar: Galactica

Epic sci-fi drama. Heavy on the cyberpunk themes about robots and what it is to be a human being. But the main focus of this series is on relationships and politics. It’s really a serious and interesting drama full of complex and ambiguous characters.

Adventure Time

Everybody knows this show? It may seen weird at first, but the more you watch it the more it makes sense. And some moments are so profound and deep. Try reading episode descriptions online to get a LOT more hidden details and meanings.

Black Mirror

Stunning dystopian series. Some episodes are creepily accurate and already coming to life…


If you are that geeky…
I haven’t read any actual comics, but occasionally enjoy some of the TV.


Probably what a next generation of comic book shows should look like. Weird, gritty, graphical.


Speaking of gritty. Love how this shows gets darker and darker with every season!

Marvel on Netflix: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, etc

Should be in the same category as Preacher. Comic book TV shows for adults.

Ash vs Evil Dead

Fan service in the best possible sense! Such a joy to see this kind of horror comedy with real props!


I follow a lot of other TV shows too, but I’m not sure if I want to recommend them. Among “others”:

  • Stranger things
  • Homeland
  • Tyrant
  • The Strain
  • Fargo
  • Louie
  • House of cards
  • The man in the high castle
  • Narcos
  • Modern Family
  • The Office
  • Luther
  • Weeds
  • True Detective
  • Agents of SHIELD/Agent Carter
  • True Blood (first 3 seasons)
  • Sons of Anarchy (first 3-4 seasons)
  • Mad Men (except last couple of seasons)

Currently also on a binge with Archer and BoJack and it feels like a guilty pleasure. Danger zone!

What did I forget?