Growing up

Growing up

It’s a common misconception that growing up means accepting more responsibility for your actions. That to spot an adult you need to start looking for someone concerned and serious.

But the older I get the less I believe that most people make any conscious decisions at all. Our habits and past experience just form patterns for us.

And these patterns substitute any critical thinking. We just keep making the same safe decisions with the same safe and predictable mistakes, and we find comfort in such existence.

When we grow up we start to accept this world as we created it for ourselves in our own image. We don’t force it to change and try to appreciate what is changing anyway.

There is no exit out of this situation but to learn to be happy and to learn to be kind.

So my idea of adulthood is accepting yourself and the world around you. And as a result being kind.

To be an adult is to be consciously kind.

Strange thing. When I was a kid I didn’t like kind people, they seemed phony and annoying. It was a lot easier with someone as egoistic as I am.

Now I only wish to somehow balance both: my oversized ego and hunger for something new and exciting with peaceful contemplation, happiness and other perks of being nice.

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