Misha Strunin, CV

Current location: Florence, Italy.
Free to relocate and travel.

Phone: +39 333 140 53 09
Email: strunin@gmail.com

PDF link for the CV


I want to find a job in a web development or digital marketing company as an Account and/or Project manager, and to have meaningful work with a lot of communication and high responsibility.

I get the most satisfaction from organizing, planning digital projects, negotiation, and understanding complex issues and people.


I have a very strong technical and design background, but my most important skills are soft skills.

I’m currently working with clients and colleagues from very different cultures in Italy and the EU to effectively streamline their work and communication. In Russia, I was handling a lot of crisis account/project management with big corporate clients, working for some of the top-10 Russian digital agencies.

My technical web background dates back to 2000 when I was working in frontend and backend development. Design was also a big part of my work on most of the projects: I was preparing or supervising mockups and prototypes.

Project Manager, Man-Super

Florence, Italy, Now—2016

Joined an agile and innovative digital agency and I continue to contribute substantially to its workflow. I have built a new development team, managed international projects with complicated structure, created new standards for management and marketing analysis.

Entrepreneur, French-lace.com

Prato, Italy, 2018—2012

Created a new online business. It grew from a small retail startup to a bigger b2b company with distribution contracts with French producers.

Project/Account Manager, Dominion

Samara/Moscow, Russia, 2013—2009

Leading project/account manager in one of the top Russian web development companies. Our production team included ~20 people and we were working mostly on websites with sophisticated UI and UX.

Event organizer, self-occupied

Samara, Russia — 2010-2004

Created a community based on gothic/synthpop/industrial music and organized tours and concerts in Russia. We had more than 2000 daily visitors on our portal and did the first nationwide tours for bands in these genres, for example: Das Ich (Germany), Covenant (Sweden), Diary of Dreams (Germany), De/Vision (Germany), Ayria (Canada), Two Witches (Finland), Fleur (Ukraine), Minerve (Germany), Gothika (Japan).

Previous experience

2009 Executive manager in a web development studio Blackbox (Samara, Russia). Managed a small web production company of 7-10 people.

2008 Project manager at Blackbox. 

2008—2006 Head of web development at GUPSO RIA Samara, a state funded online regional news agency.

2008—2004 VJ at club events. Real time video installations for club parties and festivals.

2006—2002 Programmer and web designer at Media-Style (Samara, Russia). Backend, frontend, web design.

2002—2000 Freelance programmer and web designer, mostly frontend and web design.


Project management using classic waterfall and agile methodologies.
Account management and sales. Strong negotiation skills especially in projects with complicated structure of responsibilities.
Digital marketing. SEO and traffic analysis, basic campaign management, marketing strategy and analysis.

UX design skills: interactive mockups and wireframes. Axure RP, Moqups, online tools. Websites and apps.
Other design skills: very strong Photoshop and Lightroom proficiency. Basic skills in Sketch, Illustrator, InDesign.

Frontend development: 8 years of experience in HTML/CSS/JS in 2000s. Good understanding of modern tools and techniques.
Backend development: 6 years of experience in PHP/MySQL in 2000s. Now good understanding of modern technologies and platforms like Django, WordPress, React, etc.
Server administration: basic skills in setup and using *nix servers.

Video production: I have a work experience as a VJ, making real time video installations.
Event organization: mostly concerts, I have a lot of knowledge in this sphere and about stage sound and light equipment.

Languages: Russian (native speaker), English (fluent), Italian (B2).


Samara State University
Unfinished MSc in Computer Science, 2004—1999

This was a fresh new specialization of Informational Security in the SSU.

I had a lot of work as a web developer and the program wasn’t right for me, so I left it just 6 months before graduation.


Besides music I have a big passion for movies.
Right now I’m organizing a cinema club in Florence to watch and discuss arthouse movies in original sound.

In my free time I also do portraits, report and street photography. You can see some of my works here.

I’m also an admin of the biggest Florentine Facebook group for foreigners and expats.