Cat Zen

Cat Zen

Relationships are strange.
We are kind to strangers and yell at our close ones. We can be courteous and nice with clients, anticipating their needs… and deaf and blind to the needs of our neighbors.

Someone may say that’s the problem of man’s egoism and search for profit in every interaction. But I can’t agree, because there’s one great exception. Cats.

We love cats unconditionally and sometimes with a greater tolerance and respect than of a mother to her own child. Cats are the perfect example of a person taking things as they are. There’s true wisdom in the way we treat and appreciate our cats.

Some people even consider their pet a real person, they imagine cat’s feelings and talk to them… May be it is time to turn it around and imagine that all people (including yourself) are also like cats and treat them accordingly?

1. Cats can be very different.

But I’ve never met a cat I didn’t like.
They are all beautiful and unique.

2. Cats do what they like.

Some call them cunning, some call them sweet, some call them catty. But they just act natural and sincere.
And they never feel guilty.

3. It’s almost impossible to train a cat.

You can’t adjust or change cat behavior by force. But you can change an environment around to affect cat’s habbits.

4. Useless to be mad at a cat.

Why should you?
Even if your whole apartment is ruined she is still cute.

5. If you love your cat, you love all the cats.

6. You take care of your cat.

It’s easy and your cat can feel and appreciate it.

7. All cats are free.

If a cat comes to purr on your chest, this is a decision your cat makes, not an obligation.

8. Cats are beasts of prey.

They hunt, kill, play with their catch and fight.
That’s nature, not cruelty.

9. Cats know how to relax.

Every muscle comes in motion when and only when a cat wants.
To be relaxed is to be in control.

10. For a cat it’s hard to get along with other cats.

They need a lot of space and time. But there’s no hurry anyway.

11. You can’t control a cat.

You have a relationship with her.

I believe that if we learn to appreciate and treat other people more like cats we can become less stressed and be better persons. Imagine.