Connections and Reflections

I’m quite shy around strangers… But once I’m introduced and know the name it’s easy for me to be straightforward and open.

I rely a lot on my intuition about people and usually quite right about what people are like from the inside. For me other people are other versions of myself. As they say: “Know yourself”, so I try to recognize bits and pieces of myself in others.
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Growing up

It’s a common misconception that growing up means accepting more responsibility for your actions. That to spot an adult you need to start looking for someone concerned and serious.

But the older I get the less I believe that most people make any conscious decisions at all. Our habits and past experience just form patterns for us.
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That’s a very simple and obvious thought. Be kind to those who are kind to you.

Cat Zen

Relationships are strange.
We are kind to strangers and yell at our close ones. We can be courteous and nice with clients, anticipating their needs… and deaf and blind to the needs of our neighbors.

Someone may say that’s the problem of man’s egoism and search for profit in every interaction. But I can’t agree, because there’s one great exception. Cats.

We love cats unconditionally and sometimes with a greater tolerance and respect than of a mother to her own child. Cats are the perfect example of a person taking things as they are. There’s true wisdom in the way we treat and appreciate our cats.

Some people even consider their pet a real person, they imagine cat’s feelings and talk to them… May be it is time to turn it around and imagine that all people (including yourself) are also like cats and treat them accordingly?

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