Einstürzende Neubauten — Sabrina

One of my favorite music videos of one of the best bands. It’s a little bit unusual and graphical for this band, and the lyrics are minimalistic and seemingly easy to understand.

What I want is to share my point of view on what’s happening in the video.

The main character is obviously a Minotaur who was a bastard of a queen and a god hidden in a maze. And I feel like this maze is a brain and Minotaur is a part of the identity of protagonist exposed in the toilet chamber of his own mind. This part of him reflects on his life in this moment of sincerity and weakness deep inside, tries to tell what kind of person he is. In a second-person narrative.

I like how the room weeps at the end. And how on the verse about black color Blixa himself comes in all dressed in black. Blixa is like a superego checking out on himself and washing hands after.

  • Also there’s a version that colors represent the colors of the German flag. So this is a song about Germany post WW2.